My father's writings and poetry- a sample

From the first time I went to New York to visit Sri Chinmoy, my father has always taken me to the airport. In the early years, every time I went dad would send me off with a poetic letter of encouragement and love, and even fax some of his heart-felt writings over to me in New York. Ten years on, he is still very kindly dropping me to the airport. I do not seem to get a letter every time these days, but his oneness-pride smiles always appear.

Some samples of my dad's poems and letters...


Spring rushes in smiles ahead, determined to cushion
Your transition on return from summer in New York,
Camellias, red and deep pink are dancing gently.
Pine pollen is misting in yellow fairway clouds.

And all the grass greens are palletted,
Arrayed for visual brush strokes,
From your enhanced-awareness eyes
Onto the canvas woven in meditation.

Patiently the beach, wets and dries,
Your running track, tussocks of marram
Jostle to watch the sea sweeper,
Faithfully preparing to mould special prints.

(September 1999)

Oh sweet singer of
God's songs of love
Sing on, sing on.

Oh dear dancer of
God's son-gift grace
Dance on, Dance on.

Oh melody-filled musician
Of God's spirit stroking
Play on, play on.

All inspired leaders of
His praise and worship
Lead on, lead on.

And we will climb
Towards his presence
Always God's way
Moving on, moving on.

(March 2001)

What if God appeared, smiling
While my eyes were closed,
Distracted by soul-draining pursuits.

What if God came, close
And I was gazing at the horizon,
Thinking he might be far away.

What if God approached lovingly
In child-form to hold one hand
But my other was shaking a celebrity's.

What if my spirit vehicle stalled
Low on gas, which was always free,
(for those who stopped) at the prayer station,
And I couldn't join God's Motorcade
When He showed up.

What if the faithful had waited
Two thousand years, unfailingly
Harvesting each year in season,
Reaping, after sowing
To please the spirit,
Until just the last spring, when
I had lost the hope to plant.

(March 2001)

Light of the World

Written in darkness
Can only be read
And understood
In the Light.
Dear God, You sent
Your Son to be
Light to the Universe
Let Him be
The illuminator
Of Universal Love
So that we can
Do Your Will

(April 2005)