Why Run?

In Sri Chinmoy Inspiration some one once asked the question, "Why Run?"...

I love to run. As a teenager I ran a little, but it was not until I became a student of Sri Chinmoy and heard Sri Chinmoy's philosophy of the inner running and the outer running that I began to take running seriously. I cannot imagine the spiritual life without running, because the two go together in such a complimentary way. Sri Chinmoy has a clear vision for (and love of) long distance running, and from my own participation in several races, I recognize many inner and outer strengths I have been blessed with as a direct result of taking part.

I have had many beautiful running experiences, as I am sure every avid runner has. I really love how running reminds me of the unlimited inner capacity that we each have. The doubts, fears and worries of the human mind are so strong. They try in every way to bind and limit us, but when we run we free ourselves from these impositions as we draw on the deeper strength of the heart.

I am most grateful for the ability to feel the presence and closeness of the Supreme inside my heart. Because running clears the mind, the world of the heart becomes a powerful reality. In this world, the light of the Supreme shines powerfully from within and blazes away any mental obstructions. The greatest feeling is when you can run and run, and the experience is effortless, because it is powered and guided by the Supreme. What is so powerful to me is how this feeling and experience imprints on the heart, and becomes a capacity to utilize in any field of life.

Sri Chinmoy writes on the Outer Running and the Inner Running: "The outer running is a powerful struggle for a great independence. The inner running is a soulful cry for a good interdependence. Independence brings to the fore what we have unmistakably deep within: a freedom-smile. Interdependence makes us conscious of what we eternally are: a oneness-satisfaction…"