How Meditation Can Transform Your Life

In the ancient Indian scriptures, many truths were revealed which are still applicable to our day and time. One of the Vedic seers spoke beautifully about a bird flying over the land. The bird flies towards jagged mountains, and not knowing what lies beyond them, senses tremendous fear and doubt. As the bird flies higher, however, the more it can see. Beyond the mountains the bird discovers beautiful tranquil lakes, lush forests of trees laden with fruits, and vast lands and oceans.

The easiest way to achieve this experience in our own lives is through the regular practise of meditation. Meditation, in essence, is the experience of calming and quietening the mind to discover the vastness, peace and tranquility that we all have within. Like the bird flying higher in the sky, meditation lifts our consciousness so that we soar above self-imposed limitations of fear, worry and self doubt, and discover beyond these obstacles a world of boundless light and delight.

Many great spiritual Masters over the centuries have used charming stories and beautiful analogies to describe this experience. As humanity advances from age to age, the same ancient truths, expressed in many different ways, take on new meaning and relevance to those of us who are seeking to find true meaning and transformation in our lives.

Sri Chinmoy is a modern-day spiritual Master who expresses these ancient truths through his music, writings and actions. He writes,

“Meditation is luminosity. It illumines our heart. When illumination takes place in our heart, insecurity and the sense of want disappear. At that time we sing the song of inseparable oneness with the Universal and Transcendental Consciousness. When our heart is illumined, the finite in us enters into the Infinite and becomes the Infinite itself. The bondage of millennia leaves us and the the freedom of infinite Truth and Light welcomes us.”