My Poems and Writings

I did quite alot of writing before I joined The Sri Chinmoy Centre. It was predominantly negative, gloomy, and thoroughly depressing to read. It was a great experience for me to read Sri Chinmoy's writings and be inspired to write in a whole new way...

Some poems I have written over the years:

A day shall come

A day shall come
When I shall see that every day is new,
And I shall fall to my knees at Your Feet
With my hands folded,
And surrender to You my life breath.

One last request

O, my Lord, do grant me forgiveness, today!
Do grant me purity, today!
Do grant me protection, today!
And one last request, my Lord,
Do grant me the sweet life breath
Of constantly blooming gratitude
To You, to You, to You,
Today, today, today!

This world of ours is crying
Most desperately for newness.
Alas! What will make us turn to You, my Lord?
How much longer will we compromise
Your Infinite Bounty of Joy
For our own self-styled and self-limiting satisfaction?

In preparation

Love spans pure light
Heart calls open wide
Land calls day is small
Sky reveals vast in all
Thunder strikes and sunlight tremors
Power, thou art greater than reason,
Speak thy name from above,
Our limits knowest thee not…

O planet vast, forgetteth me no more,
For My presence may crumble a mountain
And desert an ocean, My Will is
Mightier than any man-made power,
And any man of comprehension,
Yet My Will you know not,
For My Will is love in silence-full.

“My Love knows no suffering and no night
My Love knows only New and never Old
Prepare for My arrival, for to see My depth
The heart must be pure, the life must be awakened.

“My light wants to shine in every face –
New and fresh begin today!

“See not the shadows, but the bright opposing the shadows,
And know with ever-green faith
That I, too, see only light

“Stand before Me, straight and tall,
Pronounce My Victory, and rest assured,
You will in the one breath be announcing Your own." 

O Love Almighty,
Awaken my sleep, maketh me
Thy image, and shineth within me thy lamp.
Let me prepare for Your arrival with all
You have made me that I am
Beyond my mental limits, I knoweth Your depth.
Take me, my life, my breath, my heart, my all.
Make me Your own
Make my heart a tear and my face a smile
Your Tear, Your Smile.

Make my faith Your image of faith,
Let me dive into the ocean with no reason,
For Your reason is all the reason I need.
Strike me with Your Love Racket.
O, this golden moment, how will I shine?
Your grace alone, ever blue, ever gold, ever green.

O Lord of Love-Light-Beauty,
I love You, I belong to You only, only, only.
I fly for You, I smile for You,
I breathe for You,
My gratitude for You alone…

A fleeting moment
Captures me in desperation
For You are so far...
My heart aches in longing
Lost in miles fathomless,
O Lord, where are You, where?
I take a breath,
Depth draws me close,
Beloved Lord, I find You, here!