My Stories about The Lotus-Heart

I am very grateful to work full-time at The Lotus-Heart, a vegetarian cafe-restaurant. The Lotus-Heart is a divine enterprise named and inspired by Sri Chinmoy, and it belongs to our Christchurch Sri Chinmoy Centre.

I helped to set up The Lotus-Heart in 1997, when none of us even knew how to cook! Since that time, we have grown in so many ways. A divine enterprise provides unbounded opportunities for the workers to make tremendous progress, and for members of the public to spend time in a spiritual environment, being inwardly as well as outwardly nourished.

One of the greatest highlights was in January, 2003, when Sri Chinmoy visited The Lotus-Heart. He was very interested in looking at everything, and found it all to be excellent. Sri Chinmoy even wrote a song for The Lotus-Heart, which we sing every day before we start work. The words are below:

The Lotus-Heart, The Lotus-Heart, The Lotus-Heart. You have freed me from my own minds ignorance mart. Mother Lakshmi's special blessing and special gift. No eyeless bondage chains, Freedom Light's highest lift. The Lotus-Heart, The Lotus-Heart, The Lotus-Heart.