As with many seekers, I was living quite an alternative lifestyle when I began meditating. I really felt something special for Sri Chinmoy, but I was not totally sure if I really wanted to commit to the spiritual life. I loved everything, but because of the life I was leading, I had also adopted varying opinions and views of what would really be best for me.

The time came for me to decide whether to apply to become a student of Sri Chinmoy. I decided to sleep on the big decision, and before I went to bed I prayed to know what I was supposed to do. That night I had a dream, so clear and vivid, that I was in an elevator with Sri Chinmoy, and he was taking me to the seventh floor. When I woke up, I knew that my prayers had been answered, and I sent my application immediately.

Shortly after this, I found out that Sri Chinmoy was coming to visit New Zealand. Although I was not yet a student, I was able to attend the public events held in honour of Sri Chinmoy’s visit. I was living in Wellington, so I caught the bus to Auckland, eagerly anticipating seeing Sri Chinmoy in person, and attending the concert he was giving.

When I arrived in Auckland, as I stepped off the bus, I suddenly realised that I had absolutely no details of where the concert would be held, or how to contact any of the Centre members. My heart sunk as I picked up the telephone book in a phone box, only to put it straight back down as I realised I didn’t know anyone's surnames. As I looked to the sky in despair, I happened to see a large banner hung across the street, right beside where I was standing- this was Sri Chinmoy’s concert banner! Apparently there were only a couple of these banners, therefore it was such grace that the banner I saw was right at the spot where I got off the bus.

I attended the concert, and the following day I went to a Masters Running Meet organised in Sri Chinmoy’s honour. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to attend the events, but at the same time I was still wondering if this was really my path.

Because I arrived at the running track early, people were still setting up, and someone asked if I would like to help get the stones off the track. I was so happy to have a job to do! I had to take one lane and walk around the 400 metre loop. Sri Chinmoy had not yet arrived.

It happened that all of the other people were quite far behind me or ahead of me. I was walking along scanning my lane for stones, when something made me look up, and there was Sri Chinmoy, walking right towards me! He was deep in a deep state of meditation, but the first thought that came to my head was “If I am meant to be Sri Chinmoy’s student, then he will look at me.” No sooner did I have the thought, than Sri Chinmoy looked up and straight at my eyes. Just one fleeting glance answered all my questions. All I could think was “Sri Chinmoy is my teacher!” I was so grateful. Sri Chinmoy’s intimate connection with each of us is so unfathomable to the human mind. In one brief moment Sri Chinmoy showed me a totally new reality, far beyond what I ever understood or imagined or dreamed to be possible, and this was just the beginning…