3100 mile inspiration

In the middle of the New York summer


 As I was sitting here in the midst of an arctic New Zealand winter and complaining of the cold, I experienced a reality check when I envisioned what the 3100 mile runners must be going through in the heat of a New York summer. I guess being a little cold is not so bad after all.

 Three years ago I ran in the Sri Chinmoy six day race. In comparison, six days sounds like a short stroll in the park, but it was a life transforming experience for me.

 I remember one point very clearly, when I was past the half way point, and it dawned on me that I was feeling a happiness that I could never remember feeling before.  I felt such lightness in my entire being, like anything negative in my consciousness had been totally taken away. An overwhelming sense of gratitude came over me as I so clearly felt that a higher being was doing all of the work. I was just an instrument. All I had to do was to put one foot in front of the other and stay happy, and everything was taken care of.

I would greatly encourage anyone who is inspired to do an ultra distance race to give it a go. It is truly a unique experience. Being a helper at a race is also an extremely rewarding experience. The whole atmosphere is charged with a radiant energy, and you feel that you are entering into a different world, far beyond the dry confines of the reasoning mind.

Sri Chinmoy has written prolifically on the metaphor of the inner and outer running. I saw the common links on so many occasions during the race I ran in, and in fact whenever I run I am reminded of the inner reality. I look forward to my next ultra race…


May my heart become

An inner long-distance


On God’s Perfection-flooded Road

To become the Heart of tomorrow’s God.


In all our inner races,

Love-power sets the remarkable pace

And gratitude-power helps us to win

The unforgettable race.


-two poems by Sri Chinmoy.