My experiences with Sri Chinmoy

Although it is impossible for me to adequately describe in words what it is like to spend time in person with Sri Chinmoy, sometimes I try. In this folder you will find some different views- some are more personnal, some more formal.

Sri Chinmoy gave me the name 'Harita' in November 2001. When he gives someone a spiritual name, there is a meaning that comes with it, in which Sri Chinmoy describes a persons predominant inner qualities. Harita means 'The heart of newness-green, and the life of soulfulness-oneness with the Will of the Absolute Lord Supreme.'

Receiving my spiritual name from Sri Chinmoy was a most unique and beautiful experience. I cannot imagine how much Sri Chinmoy did for me in that timeless moment, and I will spend my life aspiring to grow into my souls qualities.

Below is a selection of Sri Chinmoy's  writings about the colour green and newness:

Green Adoration-Gifts Green as young grass Her heart is; Therefore, she runs to the farthest Beyond. Blue as the vast sky Her heart is; Therefore, she flies into the farthest Beyond. Red as the morning sun Her heart is; Therefore, she illumines the world without. White as Himalayan snow Her heart is; Therefore, she feeds the world within. * * * No fear, no fear, no fear. Today I am fearless. My heart's silence has smashed asunder all bondage. Today all children and green forests, Everything, everything that is new Has joined me to sing this victory-song of the Supreme. * * * The blue bird of my green heart Has a special message today: Before long I shall see The lotus-red Feet of my Lord Supreme Inside my surrender-life and gratitude-heart * * *

Question: I was playing the piano one day and there appeared a green light, a kind I had never seen before. It was transparent, yet it had a body. It filled the whole room. What does that green signify?

Sri Chinmoy: The green colour in itself symbolises freshness, liveliness and energy. In your case it means that a new life has dawned in you. It also indicates that you are full of life's activity, life's energy and life's agility. Your entrance into the spiritual life has brought to your soul a whole new life. Everything is now green with promise. A new life has begun for you.