To be a Warrior

I recently heard someone saying that her parents taught her as a child `to be a warrior, and never turn her back on the battlefield'. Her parents were speaking of life in general, but Sri Chinmoy uses very similar words when speaking about the spiritual life.

There are universal truths which exist not only in the essence of all forms of spirituality, but also in everyday life. I find it inspiring to remember that to be successful in any field of life we have to be like warriors. We are each faced with our own battlefield, and the choice of which side to take: strength or weakness, truth or falsehood, light or darkness, divine or undivine. As we become more conscious, we find ourselves increasingly aware of the significance of each decision or choice we make.

Sri Chinmoy writes `The spiritual life is the life of a hero. You have to take the side of the divine forces all the time. These divine forces are constantly trying to save and illumine you. In each human being there is a constant battle going on between the divine and undivine. The hostile forces attack us because, deep inside our being, our consecration to God, the Supreme, is not yet complete.'

When we embark on the spiritual life, we see that we are so fortunate, because an unseen hand is constantly guiding us and leading us towards the truth, and providing us with the strength needed to be a truth-seeker and God-lover.

Quote, Sri Chinmoy `A man of faith is God's supreme warrior, not only in the battlefield of life, but also in God's constant and continuously fulfilling promise to the earth-consciousness.'