The Inner Freedom

Freedom is a topic that many people speak about, and everyone is striving for. We all have our own definition of what freedom really means, and as we evolve and grow in character, we begin to realise that true freedom can only come from within. 

From an early age I began seeking freedom. I was not raised with any religious upbringing, but I always had a fascination with spirituality. I knew I was not the same as everyone else, and I knew I did not want to be bound by conformity. When I was about ten years old I remember sitting under a tree in the school playground, while the other children were playing, and longing to be grown up, so I could be free.

As I grew older it soon became apparent that age alone would not make me free. Perhaps it was my parents that were causing the problem, I decided. They seemed to be totally preventing me from doing what I wanted. But as I pushed aside their boundaries and teachings, the freedom I experienced was transient and fleeting.It seemed that the more I tried to assert my independence, the greater became the obstacles.

I became undeniably aware that I was not going to find happiness through outer freedom, and that outer freedom is no freedom at all. I began to seek the inner freedom. 

My searching soon led me to a more serious interest in spirituality. I could not muster any enthusiasm to join the church, mainly because I felt I would have to conform to a particular stereotype. I used to say that after I had experienced everything fun and interesting in life I would become a Christian.

I am so grateful that I stumbled upon meditation. I had a preconceived idea that meditation would be boring, but little did I know that it was the answer to everything that I was looking for. Meditation is a state of true inner freedom.

When I first had the opportunity to become a student of Sri Chinmoy, I was hesitant,because my mind could not comprehend that I could truly maintain or develop my freedom under someone else’s guidance. My heart was telling me something different. Sri Chinmoy inspired me so much. From the moment I read his writings and contemplated his philosophy I felt a new era dawning in my life. I received answers to so many questions that nobody else could answer. I felt the layers of pretence and façade that I had built up while I was trying to define my ‘originality’ being peeled away. For the first time in my life I felt the dawning of true freedom. I learned that a spiritual teacher’s role is to lovingly and selflessly dedicate his life to the service of aspiring humanity, to provide the link between man and God, to show people how to be truly free.

My eight years as a student of Sri Chinmoy have shown me what true freedom really is. When I was seeking the outer freedom I was a slave to my own inner turmoil. Now I seek the inner freedom, oneness with the will of the Supreme, and this alone makes me free.

Below are some poems by Sri Chinmoy on the topic of freedom:

The more humanity enjoys Restlessness-freedom, The farther humanity is From God-satisfaction. Inner freedom Is the only doorway To outer satisfaction Earth-freedom: Disastrous madness. Heaven-freedom: Harmonious oneness. God-freedom: Prosperous surrender.